COPAIN [French] Friend  +  COFOUND [English] Co-Founder

The Copin Logo, comprised of 3 colors, symbolizes the values we pursue,
that “Everything we do, we do it together”. 

What we do?

From Company mascots, Emoticon character and Character manual books, Copin creates various characters depending on their needs.  

We do everything related to emoticons, from character creation to agency work for Kakao Emoticon, not just the production.

We create webtoons of great quality and various genres, thanks to our in-house production system.

We create webtoons of all genres, such as fantasy, romance fantasy, romance, and BL.

COPIN COMICS, our webtoon platform, services popular webtoons including the ones made by Copin. It is accessible through the mobile app as well as a webpage.

Professional workforce