Core values



Just as everyone tells a different life story, All characters have their own stories.
Copin aims to create a global celebrity character much like the entertainment agencies do with their celebrities. 

Contents of

the Highest Quality 

Contents and Characters go hand in hand as good contents show the character’s true colors.
Copin creates great contents that fit the brand’s essence and values, not being limited to just the visual aspect of the characters. 

Conveying and

Communicating with Emotion

Some values don’t change even when the times do.

These values lead us to contents that move the public’s hearts.

Copin creates contents that speak to the public through our many experience and collected data. 

People & Culture


Passion  A person who’s passionate about people and work

Autonomy   A creative person who is focused during work hours

Teamwork   Working together to produce the best outcome


Mutual Respect

Understanding others through respect and active communication

Work-Life Balance

Providing work environment where people can be creative